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ARISE Veterinary Center - Queen Creek

Blood Donor Program

Saving the lives of fellow animals, one paw at a time!

Woman Vet wrapping bandage on dog

Did you know that pets need blood transfusions too?

Our hospital treats numerous patients yearly who require blood or plasma transfusions that is vital to their recovery process. Pets that suffer from trauma, anemia, and bleeding disorders are the most commonly seen patients who require these services. The demand for blood products continues to increase. Your dog or cat may qualify as a blood donor and be a hero for those in need!

Our blood donor program is a volunteer-based program for client and employee pets. If you are interested in your pet joining the program, please see the qualifications below and call our hospital at (480) 746-6600.

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Your pet can be a blood donor hero today!

Our blood donors are superheroes in fur coats! The benefits of having your pet become a blood donor include yearly comprehensive lab work, free blood transfusions for life if your little hero ever experiences a need for one, 10% off emergency care with ARISE, and a goodie bag with each donation.

It is essential that each donor has the best experience possible, so pre-visit medications are sent home with the pet at the time of their screening exam to reduce the stress associated with the car ride and visit our hospital for their scheduled donations. When they arrive for their blood donation, they are greeted with tempting snacks and lots of praise! The donation process is quick and painless, taking less than an hour for all aspects. When you leave with your little hero, we will send them home with a goodie bag and schedule an appointment 5-6 weeks out for their next donation.

Blood Donor Requirements

  • 1-year commitment, donations scheduled every 5 weeks

  • 1 -7 years of age

  • Minimum weight

    • 50 lbs. for Canines

    • 10 lbs. for Felines

  • Vaccinated for Rabies & DAPP/FVRCP

  • Using monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventative

  • Felines must be indoor only

  • No prior pregnancy, no heart murmurs

  • No history of receiving a blood transfusion

  • Friendly and well-tempered.